When in Cebu: Canyoneering and Snorkeling

Shots by Rachelle and Michal | Edited by me
Bohol – Cebu 2015 from Janella Marey on Vimeo.

This is the continuation from my previous post about our Bohol trip.

So after 1.5 hrs. of boat ride from Tubigon, we got to Cebu at around 8pm but our night didn’t end there as we needed to reach our accommodation at Moalboal.

We were already so tired but we had no choice hahaha. We rode a jeepney(₱8) to the south terminal then rode a bus(₱107) to Moalboal. The bus ride took around three long hours before we reached Basdaku by 1am. Good thing there were habal-habal rides waiting for us. The ride costed ₱62.50 for each of us since it was already late.

We stayed for two days at Manang Ester’s Cottages, in an airconditioned beachfront room, cheaply at ₱2000/night. Surprisingly, the room was very big, even bigger than what we had in Panglao.

There were 2 beds and 2 mattresses on the floor. There was also a separate kitchen/utilities area.

October 2, 2015 – Friday

This was our canyoneering day! We woke up at 6am and were given free coffee by Manang Ester. Zach and I tried to look for a bakery around the area but to no avail. We only found a store that resold monay bread, quite expensive at ₱5 each. So better secure your food first before going to the beach because it’s really far from the main road.

After an hour’s preparation, we rode a tricycle(₱70 each) that carried us all to Badian.

picture with manong driver
from another angle, that’s 8 of us (L-R: maan, michal, rach, zach, me, jason, jeselle, maurus)

Our canyoneering package was from Highland Adventures PH. They have WordPress and Facebook for your reference and convenience hahaha. I contacted Sir Mike Munoz for this package and his team were so nice and accommodating. The package costed ₱1100/head, included a habal-habal ride from Brgy. Matutinao to Kanla-ob River, dry bags, entrance and exit fees, snacks and water, life vest, helmet, tour guide fees, and a scrumptious lunch by Kawasan Falls.

We didn’t risk bringing our phones with us even with the use of dry bags because a friend of ours went canyoneering before and all of their gadgets got wet inside the dry bags hahaha. All of the shots here are from Rachelle’s cam.

the canyoneering team!
the canyoneering team!

The thought of jumping excited me because I was trying to convince myself that I’m thaaat adventurous. But really, I was feeling wimpy and scared inside, still very excited though coz I’ve never done canyoneering before.

First jump!

 The first 15 ft. jump was a challenge but there was no other way to enter the canyon(without wasting our money’s worth) without jumping! I’m not really sure what made us do it: pride, pressure, or adrenaline. hahahaha. When I did, I was screaming even after I hit the water.

the exact moment when to panic
the exact moment to panic and rethink about your life choices

Others would advice you to take your time but I’d say otherwise because like what our guide told us: the longer you hesitate, the scarier it gets. So stop thinking and just jump! And while in the air, panic a lil bit on how you would land. haha! At least you’re done jumping. 🙂 Kidding aside, just keep your body upright and jump feet first so you can slide easily.

We made it!

After that first jump, everyone got hyped and excited for the next ones. This 4-hour activity involved a lot of sliding, crawling, walking, jumping, swimming, and what we do best–screaming. Here’s a gallery of what we did:

25 ft. jump

Our last jump was 25 ft. high. This was the hardest for me. Some of us conditioned for more than a minute before jumping. My knees were really shaking when my turn came. I asked our guide, “What if I hit the rocks from the other side?” “Then you’re awesome, nobody can hit that(because that’s too far).” hahahaha dumb moment. So, I collected my courage and jumped while screaming on top of my lungs.

moment of regret and satisfaction
moment of regret and satisfaction

Canyoneering really was difficult but the cool wind made it easier. Plus, we were amazed at how breathtakingly beautiful the place was! And the water was sooo clear.

like your default windows wallpaper
like your default windows wallpaper
near Kawasan falls already
floating to Kawasan Falls while admiring the view from every angle

Trekking for almost an hour to Kawasan Falls, we saw a bonus cliff that was said to be 40 ft. high. We couldn’t convince ourselves to jump for the last time so here’s a photo instead:

I'll come back for this!
I’ll come back for this!

When we came down, we were welcomed by a feastful lunch, generously served and well prepared! We initially wanted just sinigang but were served with so much more! Good job, Highland Adventures PH!

sobrang sarap po! :D
sobrang sarap po! 🙂

For inquiries, you can contact Sir Mike Munoz at 0917-950-8750. 🙂

Kawasan Falls behind us! <3
Kawasan Falls behind us! ♥

We got back to Moalboal around 7pm. Manang Ester cooked fish and porkchops for our dinner, ₱500 for the whole preparation. Then we spent the rest of the night drinking by the beach, circled around a bonfire. Ah, the life.


October 3, 2015 – Saturday

This was our last day in Cebu but we still had an activity scheduled. We availed of an island hopping package for ₱2000 that included dolphin watching, snorkeling around Pescador Island, and a visit at Panagsama reef to see the sardine run.

Photo by Rachelle
That’s Pescador Island behind me. | Photo credit: Rachelle Barcelona

On our way to our first stop, dolphins came swimming alongside our boat! And they were so playful, we couldn’t believe our eyes! They looked unreal, like CGI. hahaha.

Playful dolphins! 🐬

A video posted by Janella Salcedo (@janellamarey) on

Moving further, we saw another dolphin pod! We even had a closer encounter with them as they were leaping out of the water. Michal almost touched one! 😀 This already made the trip worth it.

yayyyy | Photo credit: Rachelle Barcelona


Next stop was at Pescador Island where we snorkeled for almost an hour. Pescador Island is a small island in the Tañon Strait, uninhabited and rich in marine life. Had I known we could climb up the island, we would’ve pursued. The perimeter of the island is covered with corals which is home for a lot of fishes.

Next time I come back, I’d try scuba diving. I think that’s more exciting. 🙂

Our final stop was at Panagsama reef where we saw millions of sardines swimming in coordination like a tornado. Beautiful. Coiled with a rope, we tried swimming closer to them, but was ineffective. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed watching.

Sardine run! Photo credit: Rachelle Barcelona

And that was the end of the tour. It was time to go back as we still had a plane to catch.

fresh suwaki!

For lunch, we ate at a local eatery by the beach. We even bought fresh suwaki! It tasted like the sea on its own hahaha malansa. So we put vinegar and calamansi zest on it.

They’d cut it open and cleaned it for us. I think this was worth P30.

Oh, and I found this little creature. 🙂

Brittle star 😀

A video posted by Janella Salcedo (@janellamarey) on

After lunch, we packed our bags and bid goodbye to the beach. We stopped first at Tabo-an Market to buy pasalubong before heading to the airport.

While waiting at the airport, we had dinner at Zubuchon. Of course we didn’t pass up the chance to try their famous lechon! I was crying on the inside because it was soooo delicious and I couldn’t take any of it home. hahaha. Zubuchon’s the best.

I agree with Anthony Bourdain!
I agree with Anthony Bourdain!

And that was the end of our Cebu trip! I will be back for the things I didn’t get to do and had no money for. hahahaha! Daghang salamat, Cebu, sa pagdawat ninyo namo!


Date Time Checkpoint Description Amount
8:00 PM
SM Cebu
dinner 140.00 PHP
9:30 PM jeepney ride to south terminal 8.00 PHP
10:00 PM South Terminal bus to moalboal 107.00 PHP
1:00 AM Basdaku habal-habal ride to Ester’s Cottages 62.50 PHP
Ester’s Cottages Accommodation 500.00 PHP
10/2/2015, friday
7:00 AM
Ester’s Cottages
breakfast 10.25 PHP
8:00 AM fare 70.00 PHP
9:00 AM
Canyoneering 1,100.00 PHP
4:30 PM ride to Basdaku 75.00 PHP
5:00 PM
Ester’s Cottages
Alcohol 100.00 PHP
7:00 PM Dinner 62.50 PHP
10/3/2015, saturday
7:00 AM
island hopping 250.00 PHP
11:00 AM lunch 110.00 PHP
2:00 PM tricycle ride to main road 30.00 PHP
2:15 PM bus ride to Tabo-an Market 107.00 PHP
7:00 PM Tabo-an Market taxi ride to airport 62.50 PHP
8:00 PM Airport Zubuchon 240.00 PHP
TOTAL 3,034.75 PHP

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