Water Adventure at Laresio


Team BeKiks
Team BeKiks

My scrum team has been planning some sort of team building for the longest time. And I guess we’ve convinced ourselves we’re brave enough that we decided to go to Laresio last week, March 12. Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa is a private hot spring resort and spa located in Los Banos, Laguna. They offer a relaxing environment mixed with extreme activities!

All of us availed of the All Wet Activities for ₱600 which included unlimited activities like Cliff Diving, Slip ‘n Dip, Slip ‘n Fly, Kayaking, Vine Swing, and Rafting. You really need to try them at least once to get your money’s worth.

The place looked very nice and regularly maintained. Although the water wasn’t very clear, it didn’t reek of chlorine. There was also a basketball court/pool by the cabana we rented and each cabana had a rattan hammock. Lovely.

the rattan hammock by the cabana
the rattan hammock by the cabana

At 10am, surprisingly, it still wasn’t as crowded as I’d imagined. Maybe not a lot of people were into these kind of activities. Most of them were just swimming in the pools. Was it too early to cliff dive?

scenario at 11am
scenario at 11am

To prove that we’re ~brave~ and ~adventurous~, we tried the 13ft cliff dive first. Although I have already done this before in Cebu, I still felt nervous. Good thing Rowi jumped first. :p

Rowi’s first 13 ft jump
my first 13ft jump
my first 13ft jump

I knew my courage pride was bigger than my fear that I managed to jump smoothly while screaming on top of my lungs. I needed to chill.

Then, one by one, our other teammates followed. Some of them we’re not good swimmers so they had vests on. Vests are free of charge. You just need to surrender one ID for a whole group.

Just a minute into the water, I already felt small fishes tickling and swimming around me, eating my dead cells. hahaha


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swing swing swing
going senti by the swing

There’s always at least one staff manning a station, ready to throw the lifebuoy for those non-swimmers. And in case there aren’t any, you can call those from the other stations to assist you. Also, around the diving area are giant swings so that 32ft. jumpers would have cheerers.  If you swing hard enough, it would seem like your hanging above the lake.

Next, we tried the Slip ‘n Slide which was said to be 80ft. long. At a glance, it didn’t seem scary but when we got there, it was steeper than it initially looked. This was tolerable since all we had to do was sit and endure the butterflies in our tummies.

first one's Martin
first one’s Martin
Hello, water
What a fine da–  🌊

It was almost 2pm when we decided to have lunch outside Laresio. We rode a tricycle(₱9) that dropped us off by the carienderia near the main road. For ₱50, I had adobo, lumpia, and rice. Yummm.

When we came back, we went on kayaking. I just wanted to get on the kayak but didn’t want to paddle(because I know the pain it gives the next day) so I let the first timers, Rowi and Martin, do the job.

we wanted to go here but the current was strong, we found it difficult to paddle against it
we wanted to go here but the current was strong, we found it difficult to paddle against it

The Slip ‘n Fly is just like Slip ‘n Dip except that it is meters above the water and has a big curvature at the end which would send you flying for a moment before crashing down. This was exciting! However, you must really, really panic think about your landing as you’d initially be in a sitting position. When midair, you must try to straighten your body to have a soft landing on water. And oh, please don’t try to slide head first unless you’re a good diver. Otherwise, you’re in for some painful landing.

Mid-air moonwalk 💃

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The Vine Swing was another awesome activity. From all of the extreme ones, this was the most manageable for us because we had control in our hands whether or not to release ourselves. To get the full experience, you must wait until you’ve swung fully before releasing.

Rowi's 2nd time and with a perfect release
Rowi’s 2nd time and with a perfect release

All these activities were sort of preparation to the real challenge: the 32ft. jump. It was already past 5pm when we decided/negotiated/contemplated about it. Water activities are open only until 6pm and we were only on a day tour. So with that, we, or at least I, really needed to conquer that jump. Otherwise, I’d regret it again just like the last jump in Cebu.

After we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re ready to take on the jump, we headed to the station and lined up, our knees trembling. Since Kuya EJ had already done it earlier, he went again first. Then, Pol followed.

pride > fear
"Hala tumalon na si pol :( Ako na sunod. :( :( "
“Hala tumalon na si pol 🙁 Ako na sunod. 🙁 🙁 “

We agreed that if Pol jumped, I’d follow and then Rowi. I didn’t think Pol would jump so quickly, I got really scared. Even when I tried to tell myself that I wasn’t gonna die and it’s just water, I couldn’t help but feel weak. But I also didn’t want to be the person who took so long to jump and looked annoying. hahahaha!

Another moment of satisfaction and regret 😂

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So shortly after, I jumped as well. It took a long time (coz 1 second in midair is eternity) before I touched the water and when I finally did, it hurt sooo much as if the water punched my jaw, kicked my side, and hit my left leg with a paddle. Bad landing, man.

dats my gerl
dats my gerl

Rowi took the longest time to jump but had the best landing. The three of us were in pain as we watched Rowi pierce the water gracefully. All of us were applauded and cheered by the crowd at the swing area. hahaha!

We’re very happy that we didn’t back out on this one. When something scares you in a good way, then just do it. However it turns out, it will surely be one for the books.

This day was sooo much fun! I didn’t think we could handle all that but we did! Yayyy! Thanks to my teammates for pursuing this one. Best team ever! 😀

Breakdown of expenses:

Fare/Gas 180
All Wet Activities 600
Cabana(₱1500) 107
Lunch 50
Dinner 100
Total ₱1037

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    Best team ever!

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      Naks! hahaha! to more mis/adventures! <3

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      Thanks, keila! Dasal lang talaga and pride. hahahaha!

  3. Looks so fun!

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