Sinaya Cup, The True Definition of a Happy Period

I was in grade school when I first had my period and I didn’t know why I cried but I did. Sanitary pads became my best friend even when it failed me multiple times. Then, I discovered tampons during my 2nd year in college and I’ve stuck with it since. I’ve even given out countless samples to friends because I really believed it could change their lives. hahahaha. Why? Because I hated that period somehow limited them as women, especially with outdoor activities.

I think it was three years ago when I found out about menstrual cups. What are they, you ask? A menstrual cups is a bell-shaped feminine hygiene product, made of medical-grade silicone that is inserted in the vagina. It’s really safe because it doesn’t bear any bacteria. I really wanted to buy one. However, at that time, they were only distributed in certain parts of Europe and Africa.

Grabbed from Sinaya Cup's FB page
Grabbed from Sinaya Cup’s FB page

Just last month, my sister informed me that menstrual cups are now available in the Philippines. I was very happy to know that Sinaya Cup is a local brand, just within our reach. We purchased our own right away for ₱1199 each(you might find it expensive but I’ll justify it later on). Our package arrived a week after and for the first time, I got really, really, really excited to have my period! 😀

It’s hereeee! My #SinayaCup has arrived(and yours, too, @rayjinar)! Can’t wait to have a truly happy period!😆😁

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I was surprised when I personally saw it. Even when folded, it was still bigger than the kind of tampon I’m used to. I wasn’t sure how to put it inside me hahaha! But that’s where babies come from, so I guess my body can handle it. Also, it came with a cute abaca pouch for storage.

the cute abaca pouch

Days after receiving it, my period came. Yayyyy! It took me a few attempts before I finally got the cup right. I really didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Maaaan, my day was flawless. I felt like Beyonce. It was as if I wasn’t on my period at all. I even used it during my recent trip to Hulugan Falls! Sinaya Cup, such an enabler.

I guess what would make you squeamish about it is that you’d have to pull it out, and clean it yourself instead of just disposing it. It may sound gross but really, you just gotta pour the liquid out and rinse. When I pulled mine out, it was like I was holding a red wine, no stain on the exterior part. I’ve had worse experience with pads and tampons than this.


  1. Menstrual cups are waaaaay more hygienic than pads or tampons
    • Like what I mentioned above, they’re made of medical grade silicone. Tampons and pads contain bleach. Also, even when you’re wearing a tampon while swimming, it still absorbs water. And when you pee… yep.
  2. No more leaks
    • When inserted correctly, it forms a vacuum that prevents leakage. All the liquid is contained in the cup. Lovely. No more worries when sleeping during heavy flows coz you wouldn’t even notice.
  3. They’re reusable!
    • One cup can last up to five years! That’s ₱1199 for five years! A box of tampons cost ₱125 for 8 pieces and I had always consumed 2 boxes a month. Sanitary pads are also expensive, especially the overnight kinds. For 5 years, they would still cost me more money, disappointments, and dirty sheets.
    • Also, eco-friendly.
  4. No more sudden gush. *blushes*
    • No more gush when sneezing or standing up or anything, really. Isn’t that reason enough? hahahaha.

      sudden gush
  5. They can hold more liquid
    • Tampons and pads generally hold up to 10ml and has to be replaced every few hours while my Sinaya Cup can handle up to 15ml and stay up to 12 hours. Even at my heaviest flow, I still didn’t have any leaks. Yay!
  6. Avoid rashes
    • Pads cause chafing in the worst areas. hahaha huhu.
  7. No period can stop you from hitting the beach or climbing a mountain. 😉

These are just some of the reasons why you should. Cons? Maybe it would take a lot of practice before you get the insertion right and be comfortable with it. But don’t let the frustration stop you from ~shining~. hahaha.

To know more about Sinaya Cup, you can check out their Facebook page. 🙂 Oh, and for every cup you buy, they would donate one for those women in need. <3

Overall, I’m really happy with the switch. Sinaya Cup is worth a try. Don’t just reject the idea. Learn about it first and don’t be afraid of your own anatomy. I hope one day you get to have a happy period. hahaha! 🙂

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  1. OMG! I cried when I had my first period too!

    1. janellamarey says: Reply

      hahaha! Maybe the thought of being “dalaga na” made us cry, like we wouldn’t be allowed to play anymore.

  2. Don’t rush, take your time finding the best position for your body. Our page  Get Started With a Menstrual Cup , explains more .

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