My Oophorectomy and Appendectomy

Ever since I had my period, I’ve observed it to be irregular which I have accepted without question. My cycle has ranged from 20-50 days, depending on the amount of activity I’d done.

I was lucky to be in a company that provides HMO benefit plans which included free medical checkups. And since it was free (I wasn’t feeling any symptoms), I tried it on November 2015, thinking I only had PCOS which might only require pills to help regulate my period. However, instead of finding PCOS, they found an ovarian cyst in my right ovary having a diameter of 10cm. 😭 A thing that big to be inside one’s body, scary, right? But I had already cried my heart out and accepted it long ago. From what I understood, my right ovary had to be extracted since it no longer had normal tissues.

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A blood test has been done which indicated it was benign. Now, I just wanted it out of my system.

Fast forward to April, we scheduled to have it removed. Good thing that there is Magna Carta of Women that grants up to 60 days of paid leave for women who undergoes gynecological operations. As for my case, I also had an appendectomy, hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. hahaha!

April 26, 2016


Long leave starts today. Gonna have my operation tomorrow. 😟

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I was fetched from QC by my parents and younger brother and then went to the hospital. I was instructed not to have any food and water intake after 12 mn. After having my dinner, I was given half a bottle of castor oil. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s supposed to make you go shit like crazy. The nurse said it had an orange flavor but I think it tasted terrible!!!

The struggle is real 😂😂😂 sabi ko naman kaya ko maglakad pero mapapagalitan daw sila hahahaha

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April 27, 2016

I woke up at 5am and felt extreme abdominal distensions that made me rush to the bathroom. I think I had to return twice before my stomach felt okay again. I also felt hungry but I wasn’t allowed to eat anymore.

A nurse came to shave all the hair (regardless of visibility) from my stomach to my upper legs. Had I known, I would’ve had it waxed instead.

By 6am, two nurses came by to do enema on me. The idea is to fill my colon with as much water to force it into expelling waste materials out through the anal sphincter. It was horrible. I think we had 10 repetitions before the liquid came out clean. I felt very weak for every time I sat down the toilet. 😭 I couldn’t/didn’t even mind the nurses hearing me poop. Hahaha! We finished after more than an hour.

I was brought to the operating room at 8am, an hour early from the schedule. As I laid down, I could only stare at the ceiling, the lights, and the tools around me that I assumed would be used for my operation. A nurse put an oximeter on my finger which made me feel nervous. I’ve never had an operation before so I really didn’t know what to expect.

Two of my doctors came early. One of them asked me series of questions like where I work, graduated, etc. Then, he narrated the things they’d do to me: put me to sleep, inject a spinal anesthesia (which I heard is very painful btw),  then cut me open. As I continued talking to him, I repeatedly wished in my head that I’d be asleep when they happen. Fortunately, I was!!! Hahaha. I didn’t even remember what we talked about after that.

I remembered waking up during the operation though. I saw my robe, hanging and blocking my view. I looked around and saw one of the doctors. She told me, her voice trailing, “Matulog ka pa.” And so I did.

It was past 1pm when I woke up feeling a little numb waist down and was brought back to my room at 2pm. I was feeling groggy and hungry at the same time so I just slept for the most of the afternoon.

It was when I woke up later in the afternoon that I felt something touching my legs. It was the tube from the catheter inserted to my bladder. I knew the insertion was painful so I was thankful to be asleep that time. It was weird and annoying, too, because I couldn’t move freely. But I guess it was okay since I just slept the whole day.

Came night time, I puked almost every hour due to hunger and nausea. 😭

April 28, 2016

I woke up at 8am. The nurses told me that I could only eat after I’d farted. Funny, right? But they’re serious. It’s to make sure that my system’s working fine. But how could I fart if I haven’t had anything yet?

A skin test was done on me at 8:10am. It was very painful, too.
A skin test was done on me at 8:10am. It was very painful, too.

At 11am, my doctor told me that I could already have liquids. Around this time as well, the nurse was about to take off my catheter. She told me repeatedly to breathe through the mouth. “Wooohhh, wooohhh,” like a pregnant woman in labor. Then she pulled the tube and it was excruciatingly painful! Once it was out, I also felt the need to pee soooo bad and it hurt when I did!

I farted in the afternoon hahaha. It sounded funny to consider that as big news but it was. My mother rushed out to the nurses’ station and told them, “Umutot na sya!” That meant I could eat soft food! Then later, I pooped which meant I could eat anything naaa!!! So I had Jollibee. hahaha!

April 29, 2016

By this time, I could already walk. Although painful, I preferred to sit rather than lie down since my nape and back were starting to numb. At 6pm, my doctor cleaned my wound and it was the first time that I saw my stitches. It was vertical, running 4-5 inches down my belly button.

We got home by 9pm and up until now, I’m still recovering. 😛 Recovery usually takes a month or two. Now on my 6th day post-operation, I can sleep better and walk faster, sometimes even without a binder.

Complications like this don’t always have evident symptoms so it’s better to have yourselves checked from time to time! Take care, everyone!

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  1. Hi, how young are you? This made me scared lol

    1. janellamarey says: Reply

      Hello! I’m feeling a lot better now. It was really scary but at least I found out about it early and avoided worse scenarios like it bursting during a hike. Hahaha! Thank you for the concern!

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