The happiest place: Hong Kong Disneyland

August 29, 2015 – Saturday


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Tried the Hello Kitty noodles for breakfast. Inside were Hello Kitty narutomaki(so cute!) and a playing card. Also got this Oreo Chocolate Wafer that’s too good to share, like a better version of our local Hello! hehe.
Strawberry Oreo wafers | ladies market ready to set up for the day
After breakfast, Ate Rayji and I roamed around Mongkok, looking for art supplies. One of many things to love about Hong Kong is that there is free Wifi everywhere! We read on Google that there were several arts and craft stores along Sai Yee and Bute streets so we didn’t think twice about it and pursued.
Walking to Bute St., we saw another street food vendor. This time, we tried the octopus tentacles. They’re just boiled and dipped in curry sauce, same with the intestines. Yes, their isaw aren’t grilled and it’s weirdly good.
Art Supplies Professional
Anyway, back to our real agenda, we arrived at Sai Yee St. cor Bute and saw this, Art Supplies Professional. They had everything an artist would need! Cheap watercolors? Check! Expensive ones? Check! hahahaha. We bought a 000 paintbrush which was cheaper compared here in PH, also might be good for my coloring books.
an artist’s haven
000 paintbrush | Star Wars on TV
In another store we visited, I asked if they had coloring books for adults. I didn’t know they only offer supplies for legit artists so the owner laughed at me and told his companion, “blah blah blah blah coloring book blah blah HAHAHAHA!” Well, I didn’t understand them coz they were talking in Chinese hahaha. Anyway, I just bought a water brush for $29. We found coloring books in other stores, cheaper compared to PH as well.
waterbrush YAY! ($29)

And Ate Rayji bought this Comic pen set for only $98! It costs more than a thousand back here. Bargain!

We went home with full smiles in our faces coz Hong Kong had been blessed with things we didn’t think we’d need. Hahaha. And then we’re on to our next gala which was Disneyland!
We took the Twen Wan Line to Lai King Station, then to Sunny Bay, and finally to the Disneyland Resort Line. The fun started here as we saw the train designed with all things Disney! There were also a lot of kids dressed as Elsa hahaha.
Elsas everywhere
Disneyland Resort line! Look at those Mickey Mouse windows!
Mickey Mouse handle!

Seeing Mickey Mouse from afar made us all excited like kids! We’re sort of like Disney babies kasi. Since we failed to buy tix from Admiralty Station, we just bought tickets from the Ticketing Booths that costed $499 each.

It’s T-rex from Toy Story! Ahhh, I miss my childhood!
We first visited Tomorrowland as it was nearest the entrance. Of course, we rode the Space Mountain! Also first on the list! It is one of the most famous attractions in Disneyland. It offers a fun, exciting roller coaster ride in the dark with sudden drops and turns. Lines were expected to be long since it was a Saturday. The good thing was that there were a lot of wall fans!
tomorrowland yay
in line for the space mountain ride
mickey mouse ice cream! so expensive yet so worth it hahaha
mickey mouse ice cream! so expensive yet so worth it hahaha
Disney princess’ eye view
Adventureland is the jungle-themed area of Disneyland. Its main attractions are Tarzan’s Treehouse and the Jungle River Cruise. Too bad that Jungle River Cruise was closed when we got there.
It’s amazing how the tree house really had that Tarzan-y and safari look hahaha. We had to take the raft to get there. Each section inside displayed details of the story, some of which were interactive.
Tarzan’s Treehouse
Watch out for Sabor!
Come, stop your crying; It will be alright.
Exploring further, we stumbled upon the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. I was so wrong when I thought that Disneyland is only for kids and kids at heart because this ride surely implied otherwise. The train leaves the station and heads to tunnel 8(lucky number in Chinese). However, the grizzly bear ‘accidentally’ sends the train to tunnel 4(unlucky number) which basically is the root of the adventure. Better try this when you get the chance!
Another must-try is the Mystic Manor. Basically, the ride is about Albert, a monkey, who played with the enchanted music box that magically turns everything to life. You’re in for a lot of surprise with this.
Toy Story Land! This really brought out the kids in us because I really love Toy Story. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? And everything was big–Andy, Woody, the other toys. It was as if I became one of Andy’s toys, too!
RC Racer was like Achor’s away, only ten times better! It’s U-shaped and very high, not for the weak. hahaha. At first, it was slow and then got faster and higher until it reached its highest point and dropped us like trash. I swear I felt my body leave my seat. Good thing we had seat belts. hahaha.


RC Racer
Next was the Toy Soldier Drop. This was like a milder version of Ocean Park’s Turbo Drop. Still exciting, though! I think I feel most helpless when my feet are dangling. hahaha.
We really had so much fun inside the gift shops kahit wala kaming binili kasi ang mahal, okay. hahaha. Here are some pictures:
PhilharMagic is the 4D film attraction wherein Donald Duck plays with Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat which brings the musical instruments to life and chaos. Donald loses the hat and finds himself in an adventure through different scenes from different movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Peter Pan!
It was already almost 9pm and people were getting ready for the fireworks so we headed to save ourselves good seats. Good thing we were lucky enough to be seated in front of the Sleeping Beauty castle. One should really see this Disney in the Stars Fireworks to complete the ultimate Disneyland experience! It is accompanied by different Disney soundtracks that will surely make the Disney princess inside you all giddy.

Shining, shimmering, splendid!🎆🏰🎇

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Ocean Park vs Disneyland? I can’t really say because they offered different experiences for me. Ocean Park brought out my fondness for adventures with the extreme rides especially the Turbo Drop while Disneyland brought me back to my childhood with different movie characters I grew up with. So, if I were you, I’d plan to visit them both! My suggestion is to visit Ocean Park on a weekday to avoid a bigger crowd. It doesn’t matter if you visit Disneyland on a weekend since they offer fast passes. 🙂
Street food na naman hahaha
On our way home, we had street food again. They’re so good I think I could live on them. Then we walked along Ladies Market to have Chinese for dinner and found this traditional noodle restaurant named Tong Kee Noodles. Everything was written in Chinese so we, again, relied on pictures. haha. The food here was cheap and good, too! We were sooo full and satisfied. I think we spent $200-$250 for us, seven. See their menu here
roast duck noodle soup
The Pabebe Princess says goodnight.

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