Ocean Park and Hello Kitty Secret Garden

Aug 28, 2015 – Friday

Started our day by going to the supermarket to buy breakfast. It was already 9am and surprisingly, only a few stores like bakeries were opened. I guess they were still tired from the night market so we just bought some bread to eat on the way to the supermarket.
Welcome to Wellcome! hahaha
Good thing Wellcome was already open when we got there. And since we’re not in the Philippines, there was no retail! Di ako sanay. We got broccoli, rice, dim sum, and water, which was very expensive outside and not all restaurants served them cold and free of charge. I was also looking for pasalubong when I saw these Hello Kitty noodles! I wasn’t really a fan but when it’s like this, ’tis too cute not to give in.
cutie Hello Kitty noodles
dami kong napamili hahaha

After eating breakfast, my sisters and I explored around the area of Ladies Market wherein several shoe stores lined up such as Nike and Adidas. Walking to the main road, I think we already passed by three big nike stores. Most, if not all, were on sale! And I also noticed that almost everyone wore Nike irregardless of age and social status.

1 of n Nike stores

There were street food vendors already set up. We bought their famous egg waffles($15) and I must say, they’re the best! They’re like little pancakes that were crispy around the edges, designed for our convenience while strolling around Hong Kong. Lucky us, they’d just finish making this matcha egg waffle.

Matcha egg waffle ($15)

H&M was also nearby and on sale. I bought a high waist patterned shorts for only $49 and a jersey jumpsuit for $70! Bargain! My sister bought the same back home but they were more expensive.

On the way back, we saw an ice cream truck! This was their version of our dirty ice cream, I think. A sundae cone costed $9. The ice cream was sooo creamy(sorry, Family Mart), mixed with just the right amount of sweetness. Ah, basta, sobrang sarap!

ice cream truck, just like the one from Power Puff Girls
Egg waffles topped with ice cream, yuuumm

Everyone was prepared when we got home. It was time for the real itinerary for the day: Ocean Park!

Ocean Park
To get there, we took the Tuen Wan Line and got off at Admiralty Station. There was a stall for tourist services that sold cheaper park tickets to Ocean Park and Disneyland. However, we were short of cash and there were no money exchange services nearby so we only bought Ocean Park tickets for $345 each. We walked to the bus station, just outside of the MTR, and rode the CBT 629 bus that took us directly to Ocean Park.

waiting for CBT 629
ang hangin pls
Ocean Park guide map

The first thing we did when we arrived was, of course, kodakan! Then proceeded to line up for the roller coasters!

Hair Raiser
Floorless ride to make you feel helpless. Well done, Ocean Park.

Hair Raiser was the most thrilling ride I experienced at Ocean Park! Imagine being in a floorless roller coaster that makes sharp turns and multiple loops while overlooking the sea! My golly, di ko kinaya! De joke lang, kinaya ko syempre. Pero this was truly a hair raiser! Hong Kong’s fastest roller coaster, btw.

The Dragon
Next, we tried The Dragon. This ride also made sharp turns like the Hair Raiser. However, I was a bit underwhelmed because Hair Raiser was far better. hahaha. Also, my ears hurt because my head kept banging to the side of my seat!!!
After that painful ride, we wandered around toward the Crazy Galleon and found the Marine World Game Zone. We were pretty tired from walking and falling in line anyway so we played here for a while first.
Classic bean bag toss
There was this target toss using bean bags. Each game costed $20. If we could knock over the cubes at least twice out of three attempts, we’d get a stuff toy. Other stalls also offered classic games like Basketball and shooting games for the same amount. Expensive, right? But we had so much fun, I think we spent more than $400 on them. I guess it was worth it because we won a lot of stuff toys! hahaha
shooting game
Pabebe with the stuff toys
extremely hiiigh

The Abyss Turbo Drop was also my favorite! It was a tower, standing 62m high, built to take our souls away. I thought this was just gonna be like EKstreme Tower but I was sooo wrong.

The Abyss Turbo Drop
It ascended slowly, mainly to build up fear, and stopped at the top. Once it did, we got a spectacular view of the park and the sea. I was in awe. My feet were dangling while I appreciated the view when suddenly NAHULOG NA KAMI! GRABE JUSKO, WALANG COUNTDOWN. The descent was faster than gravity because we were actually forced down, so that wasn’t just free fall. The rapid drop seemed too long that I ran out of breath shouting for my life and my tummy felt weird and I wanted to hold my body but I couldn’t so I was really helpless. But the torture/ride didn’t stop there, it snapped back to the top and dropped again. It went on for at least five more times until our mouths went dry from all the screaming. So ayun nga, this was by far the scariest ride for me.

We got on the Crazy Galleon eventually. It was just a more extreme version of EK’s Anchors Away and I forgot to take a picture, just like the other so-so rides we had. haha.There were other fun rides, too, but it was getting late. Again. So for the last stop, we went to the Giant Panda Adventure. It was my first time to see pandas!

plotting a murder for 10 minutes
panda poop haha

Ocean Park houses four giant pandas. They were really huge and cute but extremely laaazy. I think I stared at this one for about 10 minutes, waiting for it to move or impress the people but it just didn’t seem to care. There were also these red pandas, which were actually reddish-brown. They also had bushy tails and were much smaller than giant pandas that I’d mistaken them for raccoons at first.

a red panda

We could ride the cable car back to the exit but the line was looong and we’d been to Ngong Ping already so we got on the Ocean Express train again instead.Other animals such as giant koi carps and sea otters can also be found inside. 🙂

Ocean Park cable car and its famous sea horse logo

We were very hungry and exhausted when we got back to the Admiralty Station. We didn’t eat inside the park because the food there were so overpriced! Ayun, so we had dinner at Mcdonald’s nearby the MTR station(also wanted to compare the taste kasi hahaha).

Cookie monster wanted a burger

Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe


This was really hard to find. Maybe that’s why it had ‘Secret’ in its name. hahaha. The Hello Kitty Secret Garden Cafe is located in Tai Hang, near Tin Hau Station, quite walkable, only 550m away. This is a Hello Kitty fan’s dream because everything inside screams Hello Kitty!  So if you’re a fan, you better visit this place!

Hello Kitty
and her bike
Since we just had dinner, We only had waffles and cups coffee and green tea latte. We just went to check the place out at ako talaga nagyaya kasi nga di naman ako fan hahahaha. Also, everything was kitty size so I guess their food’s a bit pricey.
Jeran playing the Gacha Gacha machine

Walking back to the MTR station, there was a gacha-gacha hub and Jeran couldn’t resist trying to get characters from his favorite anime show. Each play costed $20. After 4 attempts, trying to get his target character, he told me, “Dito lang ako nag-aksaya ng pera.” To which I replied, “Hindi ba kanina pa sa Ocean Park(game zone)?” He did get the character eventually.

Ladies Market was jam-packed when we got back. I didn’t even roam around because my feet were hurting from the day’s activity. When I got to our unit, I lied down the bed but fell asleep right away, as in no toothbrush and palit ng damit. TMI hahaha. Sorry, I was tired.

Janel and the busy streets of Mongkok
ang galing, blurred.


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