4D3N Iloilo Itinerary

Iloilo – Guimaras from Janella Marey on Vimeo.


October 5, Wednesday
14:20 AM Naia Terminal 3 Departure
5:30 AM Iloilo Intl Airport Arrival
6:00 AM Iloilo Intl Airport Van transfer to Ong Bun Pension House 100.00 PHP
6:30 AM Ong Bun Pension House Check-in for a night 310.00 PHP
 7:00 AM Jollibee Breakfast + misc 150.00 PHP
8:00 AM Jeep to Jaro Cathedral, walk to the terminal  6.50 PHP
8:25 AM Jeepney Terminal Jeep to Leon 30.00 PHP
9:25 AM Terminal at Leon Tricycle ride to Brgy. Bucari 10.00 PHP
9:30 AM Brgy. Bucari Habal-habal to Bucari Pine Forest 150.00 PHP
Bucari Pine Forest Mansiga View Deck + Bato Puti Panoramic Cliff 10.00 PHP
1:00 PM Bucari Pine Forest Habal-habal to Tacumong Falls 100.00 PHP
1:30 PM Tacumong Falls Entrance fee 20.00 PHP
3:00 PM Tacumong Falls Habal-habal back to Brgy. Bucari 260.00 PHP
4:00 PM Brgy. Bucari Jeep to Jaro Cathedral 30.00 PHP
4:35 PM Public Market Taxi to Tatoy’s 39.50 PHP
5:45 PM Tatoy’s Manukan Dinner 169.00 PHP
6:50 PM Taxi to Ong Bun 30.00 PHP
October 6, Thursday
5:00 AM Ong Bun Pension House Taxi to Tagbak Terminal 26.00 PHP
5:10 AM Tagbak Terminal/ Ceres Diner Breakfast 37.00 PHP
5:30 AM Tagbak Terminal Ride a bus bound to Estancia (Carles-bound is better) 153.00 PHP
8:30 AM Estancia trike to Carles port  70.00 PHP
10:00 AM Carles Port Gigantes Island Tour

Part 1:


Bantigue Island Sandbar

1,799.00 PHP
9:00 PM MJ Beach, Gigantes Island Beer + Karaoke 130.00 PHP
October 7, Friday
8:00 AM Part 2

Mini Cabugao


Antonia Beach

Pulo Pandan

2:30 PM MJ Beach Boat ride to Bancal Port, Carles
 3:30 PM  Bancal Port Tip to the boatmen 100.00 PHP
4:30 PM Bancal Port Van to Budget Inn (no more vacancy at Ong Bun) 200.00 PHP
8:00 PM Budget Inn Check-in, preparation 380.00 PHP
 9:00 PM texi to Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy 14.00 PHP
 9:00 PM  Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy Dinner 122.00 PHP
 9:00 PM texi to Budget Inn 20.00 PHP
October 8, Saturday
6:30 AM Budget Inn Jeep to Ortiz Wharf 7.00 PHP
7:00 AM Ortiz Wharf Breakfast 27.00 PHP
8:00 AM Ferry to Jordan Wharf 30.00 PHP
8:30 AM Jordan Wharf Tour around Guimaras (1500, 5pax)

Smallest Plaza

Trappist Monastery

Mango Plantation

Guisi Lighthouse

Alubihod Beach (entrance: 30, shower: 20)


300.00 PHP





50.00 PHP

200.00 PHP

2:15 PM Jordan Wharf Ferry to Ortiz Wharf 14.00 PHP
2:45 PM  Ortiz Wharf Taxi to Budget Inn  12.00 PHP
 3:00 PM Budget Inn Pack-up + check-out
3:30 PM taxi to Airport  80.00 PHP
3:30 PM  Iloilo Intl Airport Travel tax  200.00 PHP
TOTAL 5,386.00 PHP

Some notes:

For the details regarding the tours, you can click on the links attached to them. You can leave a comment and I’ll answer them asap. 

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