Day Tour at Guimaras Island

Guimaras Island was the last item in our Iloilo trip. Just like Isla de Gigantes, it is known for its beautiful white sand beaches which are very appealing to foreign and domestic tourists alike. But Guimaras is more famous for their mangoes. Branded as the sweetest in the world, they have become the island’s most important product and play a major role in the island’s tourism. As for us, we only wanted to try their famous Mango Pizza which is served at Pitstop. An island hopping tour would also have been nice but we were set to fly back to Manila that afternoon so we only opted for a trike tour (1500, 5pax).

From Iloilo, we rode a jeepney going to Ortiz Wharf (7.00), then a ferry to Jordan Wharf (30.00). Once there, we hailed a tricycle and asked the driver if he could tour us around Guimaras. So this was where our 300-peso tour took us:

  1. Smallest Plaza
Smallest Plaza

Literally the smallest one I’ve seen. It used to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and still holds the title in the Philippines.

2. Trappist Monastery

Trappist Monastery

This is run by the  monks of the Cistercian Order of the Strict Observance. Too bad we weren’t able to talk to any of them. Their earn a living by selling different souvenirs and products like jams, candies, etc with ingredients grown in their own grounds.

Sinukuang Kahoy, said to be a holy plant because of the cross that’s seen however you cut it

Four of us loved this drawstring bag (pictured below) so we all bought one. hahaha.

Kapag napagusto lahat sa isang bag 😂 📷 @bianzeyl

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3. Mango Plantation

Mango Plantation | Image from Francia

Mangoes weren’t in season when we visited so the mango plantation was just a plain sight when we got there. But let me tell you that there’s over 50,000 mango trees planted and over 7,000 growers in the island.

4. Guisi Lighthouse

Guisi Lighthouse Ruins
sorry for the lack of good tripod

Guisi Lighthouse, built in the 18th century, is the second oldest lighthouse in the Philippines. It is very visible at night which guides the mariners passing through Guimaras Strait. It can be reached after a 15-minute trek which also gives a great view of the beach.

the beach as seen from the lighthouse

5. Alubihod Beach

Alubihod Beach

This was the only time we got to really swim because Gigantes Island either had waters too shallow or current too strong for swimming. (Entrance fee: 30.00, shower: 20.oo)

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6. Pitstop

We were disappointed when we found out they didn’t have mango pizza that day. So we only had a regular pizza, carbonara, and mango pasta instead but they didn’t satisfy our cravings and curiosity for mango pizza. Sad.

After lunch, we headed back to Jodan Wharf to catch another ride back to Iloilo City for our 4pm flight back to Manila. Next time, hopefully, I’ll be able to go on an island hopping tour.

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