Around Mongkok: Things to find and eat

One more thing I loved about Hong Kong was their discipline on the road. The locals respect and follow the signs strictly. Traffic wasn’t a problem for us because we’re confident that the bus would leave and arrive at a given time, sometimes even earlier. Also, their MTR was highly efficient! How I wish we could have the same here in the Philippines.
Aug 30, 2015 – Sunday

This day was our free day! No more major trips elsewhere(mag-uubos na lang ng pera lol). Here’s a series of photos to sum up our day:

Mochi ice cream from Wellcome, $7
Crustless sandwich bread, lol
the cute rubber duckie phone case I’d get later on
veggie street food because why not, $45
Choux Creme cream puffs, ~$30
Toy Story-themed cakes! 😍
Fish-shaped mooncakes for $18
We bought a mooncake(upper right) for $45! Expensive pero sobrang sarap!
ang lakiiii 😱
We checked out Time Square by the afternoon. It’s a major shopping centre and everything was expensive. So, no, sa mongkok po kami bibili. 😛
Ate Naji and I checked out Ikea since we don’t have it in here. I loved every section of it, everything to be included in my future house!
Asian 500DOS. Holding hands in Ikea.
Dinner’s ready.
Can I stay here forever? Pero srsly, may mga natutulog sa bed and sofas. hahaha
look at this cutie dragonfly I have no use for but I really wanted to buy

What’s more to love about Ikea is their Bistro. See more info here. We had veggie balls($8), chicken meat balls($9), and matcha ice cream($5)!!! The ice cream was sooo creamy and tasty, I could really taste the matcha in it!

Matcha ice cream, cheaply at $5
Aug 31, 2015 – Monday
This was our last day at Hong Kong. Ate Naji and I woke up early to accompany Nanay, Tatay, and Jad to the airport since their flight was at 8am, I think. So, coming back from the airport, we bought this delicious egg tart($7) from a nearby bakery. It’s like a custard cake, minus the usual mess. hahaha! We also had the one of Japan’s famous street food that is the takoyaki, served with shredded nori on top. Yum!
Egg tart
Four of us, Ate Naji, Ate Rayji, Jeran, and I, were left in Hong Kong since our flight was scheduled at 7pm. Everytime we’d walk back to our unit, I’d always see the rubber duck phone case so I told myself I’d get one. Ladies Market was full of phone case vendors so I was sure I’d get one at a cheap price. Most duck phone case I saw were only for iPhones. It was hard to look for Note3 cases but that didn’t stop me.
Do take note that when haggling, vendors appreciate more if you speak only few words since most of them do not understand English. The first one I approached was kind of snobby. Our negotiation went like this:
J: How much, for this one? *points to phone case*
V1(vendor1): $88!
J: That’s expensive! lower!
V1: Okay! How much?
J: 25!
V1: *rolls her eyes* 25? Oh my god.
J: Okay bye! *walks away*
V1: 70!
J: *still walking* still expensive!
I think I negotiated with at least 5 vendors before I finally got it for $45! I was so happy because my bargaining skills worked! Watch it in action:

Original price was 88hkd, haggled for 40hkd then got this at 45hkd!

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We had our last lunch at 貴川風味館 along Soy Street, Mongkok. We really didn’t know how it is read hahaha. Many locals were eating there and the prices were reasonable, quite cheap compared to what we previously had. I mean, look at these big bowls of ramen we had at $24 each! At sobrang sarap nyan ha. Also good for 2 persons. (Sorry, Caution Hot, I still love you, though.) We also ordered two servings of cheese ball with crab roe($28) and one of chicken skewers. Drinks were priced cheaply at $7.
Cheese  ball with crab roe, noodles, chicken skewers

This bowl only costs 144php 😂

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Cheese ball with crab roe. Sobrang sarap!

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After that feastful lunch, we looked for a coffee shop just to kill time before heading to HKIA. There weren’t many coffee shops around Mongkok and most of them were pricey like Knockbox Coffee Company. Maybe next time. hahaha.
Knockbox Cofee Company
zooming in the window
Anyway, we found HeSheEat by Pak Po Street which offered relatively cheap coffee and lots of desserts. Also, the interior was pretty.
Since we’re still feeling stuffed, we just ordered coffee. Initially, I ordered a caramel macchiato but got a machiatto shot instead. 🙁 Maybe I should’ve clarified it earlier hahaha.

Ordered a caramel macchiato and got this 🙁

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I must say I really enjoyed our stay in Hong Kong and as much as I would like to stay, it was time to head home. We, for the last time, got on Airbus21 and got off at HKIA. Refunded our octopus card and killed more time at Mcdonald’s. We knew the airport was big but we didn’t know it was THAAAT big the trip to our boarding gate would require us to ride a train. Thanks to the delayed flight, we managed to get on board.
running late
Bye, HK!

We arrived safely back in Manila at 12am, got home at Teacher’s Village by 1am, then went to work the following day. Tiring, I know, but it was truly worth it.

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